Forever Home

UPDATE JULY 12TH: Anastasia has found her forever home here in Oregon, with a wonderful family who share Czech roots just like her. Thank you to all who inquired!

UPDATE JULY 9TH: We’ve received many inquires and applications for Anastasia, and are no longer accepting any more for her. We will be interviewing families one-by-one, and emailing everyone who inquired once a home is found. Thank you to all of you who have offered this sweet girl a place in your heart and home!

Hey Everypawdy! Anastasia is still looking for her furever home!

She’s a playful and loving kitten. Her favorite toy is a rabbit fur that we have, and she enjoys throwing it in the air and jumping for it. She has quite a lot of energy! But even so, we hope to find a family with a quieter home. She follows, and observes us as we move about the house, completing chores. She talks whenever in the kitchen, and rubs against our ankles, in hopes of something tasty to eat. Anastasia has quite a picky pallet, so our hope is to find new parents that are patient and happy to cater to this little floof!

Golden Eyed Queen

We would happily keep Annie as part of our pack, but given how social she is, she demands more attention than our other kitties. It would be unfair of us to deny her a home of her own, where she could receive more cuddles and attention than in our care. She constantly enjoys sitting with us, no matter what we’re up to. It’s as if she always wants to be included in the things we do! She also really loves when you play with her, she’ll jump and chase till she’s panting! And even still, she tries to carry on, so we usually have to hide toys to let her have a break.

Annie with siblings

She has golden amber eyes like her mom, and long tufted ears with defined lynx tips. Her kitten coat has already begun to shed, as she prepares for Summer, but her winter coat will come in later in the year.

She has already been spayed, microchipped, & current with vaccinations FVRCP, and rabies.

We would also like Annie’s future family to know, that our wish is to stay in contact and keep up with her adventures in her new home. Whether its adding/following them on social media, or sending emails with updates… we would be honored and grateful to be a part of her journey, the same as we are with all her siblings.

When a kitten leaves our cattery, they take a piece of our heart with them, as we raised them since birth. Our hope is that each kitten settles into their new home with as little stress as possible, and brings your family a bit of magic with their loving and caring personality. ♥

Myself, and Annie at 14 weeks old – She was so floofy!

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