The Beginning of an Adventure

Small cattery located in Bend Oregon. Three Norwegian Forest cats and one rescued tabby. Our Cattery is only in the beginning of its journey. We have many shows still to attend, lots to learn, and experience to gain. Our love for this breed and our cats are the focus of this cattery.

The beginning of our love for Norwegies.

Our story begins in the Czech Republic where we first found our Norwegie.

At the time, my husband and I had only been engaged. He was still studying in school, while I often traveled the city of Ostrava alone to busy myself. I found a cat cafe, the first one I had ever been to, and as soon as we started going, I felt less alone in a country I couldn’t speak the language. I have always loved cats since I was a child, and often begged my parents for one but never could get one.

The cat cafe not only was a sanctuary, but it gave me an idea to consider getting a cat of my own since I was alone so often. After researching, my husband found a listing of this beautiful white and tabby kitten.

I immediately fell in love, but second guessed the decision to adopt a cat while abroad.

Would I be able to return to the USA with my new furbaby?

Was I being reasonable?

After much consideration, the gravitational pull to have this beautiful kitten was too much and with the blessing of my husband and his family, we had our first Norwegian Forest cat. He was the smartest and most aware cat I had the pleasure of raising. My previous experiences with cats, I always felt like I could understand them on a further level of empathy and communication, but with our Norman, I feel that understanding goes even deeper. This breed is just so amazing, and lovable, that my love and passion for cats in general has grown exponentially. I hope to continue my journey as a cat mom, and to continue growing our small family with more Norwegies, and other special kitties.