The Breed

Norwegian Forest Cats

There’s a lot to be said about this breed, that attracts people to the Norwegian Forest Cat. Believed to be cats that traveled with vikings, and the Norse Goddess Freya’s beloved pet. Their presence is seen in fairytale settings based in Norway, regarding willow wisps, trolls, and faeries. I often like to believe that an old lineage of our cats once stood with faeries! But if you step away from what is fantasy, and into what we feel and see with our own Norwegies, you can easily see why anyone who’s ever had a Skogskatt, has more than one.

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We’re still learning more about our Norwegies everyday. Their temperament, intelligence, and extreme affection to family members, drew our hearts in. We’re constantly searching for more articles, and facts that we ourselves don’t know about them. Anything new to learn, or to help us better understand the breed.

For those who would like to learn the differences between a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Maine Coon, please check out The Little Carnivore’s blog. Coline has wrote, and depicted wonderful information regarding the Norwegian Forest Cat’s differences to its feral cousin, the Maine Coon.

All Norwegie’s who remain part of our family, are immediately trained to accompany us on walks, and hikes here in Oregon.

This is one of the traits we particularly enjoy about our Norwegies, is that they’re very adventurous. Many cats have this quality in them as well, whether it be a domestic tabby, or a purebred. Our first Norwegian Forest Cat, Norman did exceptionally well during our travel from Czech Republic, to the USA, that we have been compelled to believe Norwegies make wonderful travelers! Though this is not true for all cats.

The Norwegian Forest cat does require maintenance and upkeep, when it comes to grooming. While they’re great at keeping themselves cleaned just as well as any other cat, they will require frequent brushing, especially during shedding season. Maintaining brushing their coat, will help reduce the chance of hairballs, and even diminish it entirely if you’re great at upkeeping. Though some of our younger cats enjoy sweeping the floor, if we’re not careful, and will occasionally eat a rogue hairball they find! I’m certain this doesn’t help them in the future, but they’ll grow out of it just like their parents, I’m sure.

Our Norwegies are especially affectionate, as is most of our kittens. Four of our kittens grew to be huggers, and I wonder if this is a trait of the Norwegian Forest Cat breed. Either way, prepare to be awed, and smothered with love by this beautiful breed!