♂ Bennington


Bennington was nicknamed Benny early on, while growing up in our cattery. He was born on Friday, February 21st, of 2020, at 6:45 in the evening. Weighing in at 112 grams. He was the last of his litter to arrive, and the hungriest baby of all! You would always find him bulldozing his siblings, to make sure he always got more than his share.

As he grew older, Benny was happy so long as he had a full belly. He usually sat back, and watched his siblings engage with cuddling and playing, as there was no need to trample one another for attention in his eyes. He happily wrestled with kittens from litter A, being he grew to be the biggest among his litter, they were more in his league. He was the most tolerant and chill kitten we had the pleasure of raising. And the most fluffiest kitten by far, too!

He left us on June 20th, to be with his family located in Washington. Purring his whole first night, with his new wonderful Mom.

Benny weighed 2.7kg at age 16 weeks, before leaving us.

Sixteen and a Half Weeks Old

Fifteen Weeks Old

Nine and a Half Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old – Easter Weekend

Five and a Half Weeks Old

Two Days Old