♀ Belle


Belle was the first one born of her litter, arriving on February 20th, 2020.

I remember we took two days off of work, the day before her and Bailey were born, waiting for her mom Stella to give birth but she didn’t. Of course the day we returned to work, our family who was home called us to tell us there was a surprise waiting for us! We rushed home that instant, to see Belle being cleaned by mom. I remember thinking she looked very much like her father, as far as her coat pattern, but she had mom’s white tipped tail. Since her time growing, I see so much of her mom Stella in her.

She grew to be a lap kitty, extremely affectionate, and intelligent. Her fur as soft as mom’s, and a personality to match as well. Her black spots have more brown color throughout, similar to dad, but she has mom’s amber colored eyes. She loves rabbit fur cat toys just like her mom, and anything that dangles on a string.

Belle is currently living with her family in Washington, enjoying life with her new parents, and human-sister, Josie. We’re told she loves racing into the room whenever a guitar string is strummed, or a piano key is played. Shes developed an admiration for music, and love for each member of her family the moment she arrived. Cuddling in laps, curling up on the work desk, and bringing toys to her sister, to engage in play.

We love hearing all the new moments shared with her family!

Sixteen and a Half Weeks Old

Fifteen Weeks Old

First Outside Walk – Nine and a Half Weeks Old

Nine and a Half Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old – Easter Weekend

Two and a Half Weeks Old

Four Days Old