♂ Aslan


Since the moment Aslan was born, I fell in love with him. Among the names we had listed before our kittens arrived, I wanted the name Aslan to go to someone special. It was a regal fantasy name, fit for a prince in our cattery. Aslan is the only one with a spot on his nose, similar to his mom Berenice, and it was the first trait that made me fall for him.

He fought the most, and cried the most, when he was hungry. Seven kittens was very hard for our Berenice to feed, but Aslan made sure he was constantly attached to his mom, even when sleeping. He would climb on top of his siblings at just a few days old, and push them off to steel the nipples they nursed from. Aslan even continued to nurse until the moment he left to his family’s home, with sister Amelia.

He was a lap kitty from early on, and a model in front of the camera whenever we took pictures.

Aslan was born with a kinked tail, which meant he wouldn’t be able to enter in cat shows if he remained with us as a future show kitty. With his outgoing, loving personality, he was the first kitten to be promised to a new family. It was the easiest way to avoid the temptation to keep another kitten, and his new family already admired him from afar, as much as we did.

The day we arrived at his family’s home, he was eager to explore and to play with his new family. He carried himself with confidence, and it was one of the proudest moments I experienced as a first time breeder. I’m told Aslan and his sister spend their days sitting in windows, bird watching, or lying on the dining table alongside their humans as they work. Aslan still remains a lap kitty to this day, and a silly boy who loves stirring trouble with his sister Amelia.

Fourteen and a Half Weeks Old

Thirteen and a Half Weeks Old

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