♂ Bailey


Bailey was born on February 20th, right after sister Belle. He is the only silver kitten of his siblings, and the first silver kitten born in our cattery. Since the beginning Bailey’s personality was the perfect balance of all the wonderful traits kittens share early on. Affectionate, extra bitey, playful, and growing happily alongside his siblings. As I’m writing this, it’s been so long since Bailey left for his home with brother Benji, but I remember him being a wonderful and intelligent kitten.

One of the things he did that always made us laugh and smile, was crawl under a basket or bowl, pretending to be a turtle. He loved rabbit furs much like his mom, and was often accompanying brother Benji around our home.

Bailey grew to have more silver in his coat than his mother, and is the only kitten I believe to have green eyes after his father. He now lives happily with brother Benji, and two new fur-sisters S&S.

Fifteen Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Five and a Half Weeks Old