♂ Norman Aksarah Bhutani*CZ


Norman Aksarah Bhutani*CZ

Breed and Color: Norwegian Forest Cat, NFO n 02, Male
Date of Birth: 08/07/2017
Parents: CH Gabriel Z Klajdovky*CZ and CH Kity Dvoutecka od Veze*CZ
Medical Tests: GSDIV N/N | PKDef N/N | FIV,FeLV Negative
Kittens: A and B

Norman was born in Czech Republic to a breeder in Brno. He has been harnessed trained since he was four months old, and ever since yearns to be outside more than inside. He’s the perfect travel cat, planes, trains, car rides, you name it.

He has a fondness for tunnels, but otherwise is not very playful. You will usually find him sitting on the computer desk beside his dad, or laying behind our pillow as we watch tv with the bed inclined. He loves high places, and especially enjoys climbing.

Norman is currently our only cat on a complete raw diet because he has an intolerance for all chicken, including fat and by-product usually found in store bought kibble.