♀ Berenice Amber Wald*CZ


Berenice Amber Wald*CZ

Breed and Color: Norwegian Forest Cat, NFO n 02 21 62 (Black Harlequin Tabby with Amber eyes) Female

Date of Birth: 05/09/2018

Parents: IC Navaro Kocky Ze Severu*CZ and Inéz von Lacman*CZ

Medical Tests: GSD IV N/N | PKDef N/N | FIV, FeLV Negative | Feline Herpes Parents tested Negative | HCM scan of Berenice’s Parents and Grandparents – Normal

Kittens: Litter A

Berenice is the ultimate explorer and huntress. Her favorite hobby is going for walks and bird watching. She has an obsession with bags, lasers, and dislikes Norman because she believes herself to be the Alpha of the pack. Over the time of Berenice growing up with us, she’s grown to be a lap cat with only my husband and I. She’s extremely affectionate with us, but skittish with others. She’s territorial, and a bit grumpy when her children don’t give her the space she wants.

Over the time of her sons growing up with us, she’s claimed our bedroom as her space only. No children allowed zone. We hope over time she’ll be more accepting towards her sons remaining behind in our home, but we also understand her mom is very much the same in personality. 

While her kittens were young, she was a wonderful mother, chirping constantly, purring, bathing them, and letting them nurse till 14 weeks in age. I believe Berenice will continue being a wonderful mother, but still enjoy her space when her kittens are old enough to leave the nest.