♀ Stella Sia Star Piede Amici*CZ


Stella Sia Star Piede Amici*CZ

Breed and Color: Norwegian Forest Cat, NFO ns 03 23 62 (Black/Silver Mackerel Tabby with Amber eye color) Female

Date of Birth: 06/12/2018

Parents: IC Quincy Satinpaws*CZ and Nora Z Klajdovky*CZ

Medical Tests: GSD IV N/N | PKDef N/N | FeLV, FIV Negative | HCM Scan of Stella’s parents and grandparents NORMAL

Exhibitions FiFe:

Kitten 4-7 months Brno ČR 11.10.2018: Class 12 | Ex1 awarded by Judge – Nurit Pahl

Kitten 4-7 months Brno ČR 11.11.2018:  Class 12 | Ex1 awarded by Judge – Jakobs Sabine

Stella is wonderful with people, and even busy home environments when the holidays come around, and family might be visiting. She’s good with kids and loves getting as much attention as possible. She’s not much for head scratches, and prefers gentle pets. Every morning when cat mom makes her coffee, and sits at the table, you can bet Stella will be there to claim her lap. No rules pertain to this Queen of our pack, as whenever the cat parents are in the kitchen, Stella’s on the counter, ready to see what’s cooking!

She’s hesitant of new environments, but the complete opposite is said for new people. Stella has been doing wonderfully training on a harness for walks alongside with our Berenice. She still hates car rides, and a lot of the walk she enjoys sitting in the grass, even helping herself to a nibble or two. Stella is also very accepting of other cats, as we have two outside cats we’ve adopted that come by sometimes to say hello.

Her favorite toy is a piece of rabbit fur, or tunnels. She loves playing, and jumping at Berenice. When she’s not chewing on the Christmas tree branches during the holidays, you’ll find her in bed, cuddled up with Berenice or her favorite human.

Her guilty pleasure is watching the hamsters roam around their cages, when mom permits her into their safeguarded room.