Welcome to Our Cattery

An American and Czech, raising five Norwegian Forest cats and an adopted chubby tabby. Our love for our Norwegies has encouraged us to share and preserve this wonderful breed, by starting a small cattery. Our cats are family members first, they are our pride and joy. We are very active on Instagram if you wish to keep up with the daily updates of our cats and kittens!

What We've Been Up To

We’re a small family cattery, and will not have litters often. We’re grateful to those who follow our cattery and family on all platforms! You’ll find our Instagram and YouTube channel are the most up-to-date on what’s next for us.

Albert and Apollo from litter A have stayed as members of our family! We have grown from three Norwegies and a rescue, to five Norwegies, and two outside rescue ferals. 

Albert and Apollo will be joining their parents, and Aunt Stella on becoming Oregon explorers! If you’d like to keep up with where they trek next, check out our videos.

Take care, and best wishes!

Exploring Oregon