Welcome to Our Cattery

An American and Czech, raising three Norwegian Forest cats and an adopted chubby tabby. Our love for our Norwegies has encouraged us to share and preserve this wonderful breed, by starting a small cattery. Our cats are family members first, they are our pride and joy. We are very active on Instagram if you wish to keep up with the daily updates of our cats and kittens!

We Are Six Weeks Old!

Our beautiful babies are now six weeks old! Litter A has grown to be so cuddly, playful, intelligent, and floofy. Happy Six Weeks to Albert, Adelaide, Anastasia, Amelia, Aslan, and Aragorn!

Stella's Surprise!

On February 20th Stella gave birth to two babies, followed by two more the next day. She is in love! And a bit confused as a new momma. She was very jealous of Berenice’s kittens when we introduced them to her, even tried stealing them. Which told us that something might be different about our Stelly. Now she has four little ones of her own, that she’s very protective of.

Welcome to the world little ones!!