♂ Albert


Albert was born in the wee hours of the morning on January 15th, of 2020, much like his other siblings. His amber spots and stripes, referred to as a blotched pattern, made him stand out from his siblings, and he immediately caught my husband’s eye. Since the moment he was born, my husband had already decided he would stay, and hopefully one day we would show him in shows.

For the first four weeks of Albert’s life, we feared we would lose him, as he remained the smallest of the litter for quite some time. He stagnated in weight, or would barely gain any as each day went by. We were supplementing six to eight times a day, while also juggling a day time job on the side. His mom Berenice was still breastfeeding as well, but with seven kittens for her first litter, it was hard to be sure everyone was fed by mom alone.

Thankfully Albert began to thrive after the first month of life; we began offering wet food and kibble as an option. He was one of the first kittens to begin eating solid foods.

Ten Months Old

Seven Months Old

Six Months Old

Five Months Old – Twenty Weeks Old

Fifteen and a Half Weeks Old

Fifteen Weeks Old

Fourteen and a Half Weeks Old

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