♀ Anastasia

Anastasia of Norwegietale was born on January 15th, 2020 at 7:35am, weighing 81 grams. For the first week of life, she was called #6, and because she looked so similar to sister Amelia, we nicknamed her “white neck with white spot on right side”. A long nickname, I’m sure, but we quickly renamed her Anastasia, as she was a princess from the beginning. She caught my husband’s eye since the moment she started crawling, and we briefly considered offering or keeping her for breeding. Though as Anastasia grew, she began to have difficulty weaning and gaining weight. As we learned more about her lovely personality, we decided it would be best for Annie to be a pet, vs a future mom.

Annie, as we quickly began to call her, is lovable, talkative, and swishes her tail like a dog happily when she receives attention. She doesn’t enjoy being held, but she loves being near everyone, and joining in on whatever chores you have around the house. She always finds a way to amuse herself, and she’s quite playful. She can jump seriously high! Her favorite toys are the rabbit fur, or catnip pillow we have. She throws them up into the air, to catch and repeat, much similar to a pup with a rope.

Eighteen Weeks Old

Fourteen and a Half Weeks Old

Eight Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

Three and a Half Weeks Old

One Week Old