♀ Amelia


Amelia of Norwegietale was born on January 15th, 2020, at 7:01am, weighing 81 grams. For the first week of her life, she was called #4, as she was the fourth kitten born. Another way we identified her was “every leg striped but left front”.

As all babies are, she was sweet, cuddly, playful, and just made you smile whenever you saw her. As she grew older, she became more independent, and extremely bitey when you wanted to cuddle with her. I think this was her way of training us! But she’s lovely in personality, extremely intelligent, and you could see while growing up that she loved her siblings. She’s an excellent jumper, a born Cleopatra, and a bit of a princess when it comes to her food.

Amelia is now living in Oregon with her new pawparents, along with her brother Aslan. Where they will be smothered in love, toys, and all the food they can eat. We’re looking forward to hearing all the things she will do, and the adventures she’ll share, with her wonderful parents!

Another interesting thing about Amy that sets her apart from her siblings: She is the only one who has a black pigmented lip and chin.

Thirteen and a Half Weeks Old

Twelve and a Half Weeks Old

Eight Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

Three and a Half Weeks Old

One Week Old