Before completing an application, we would like future families to know that we do not ship our kittens. The best place for an animal to be when traveling long distance, is in cabin with you. This is just our belief though, and we respect anyone who may have had good experiences traveling with their pets via cargo. For us, all our cats flew via in-cabin with us when traveling from Europe to US.

If you’re interested in a kitten with us, please consider traveling options before completing an application. We are happy to discuss the idea of traveling to bring your kitten to you, but please be aware that this would only be available for an extra fee. Availability to travel is based on circumstances, and will not be available in all cases.

Please expect a delay of 7-14 business days when responding to your application. Though we try to respond as promptly as possible, we have a busy home with 14 cats at the moment, constant feeding schedules to follow, vet appointments, and our personal daily activities. When multiple applications are received for the same kitten, we’ll respond to only one family at a time, before responding to another application. Due to covid-19, we are being patient and understanding towards families that require more time when finalizing their decision on a kitten. Our goal is to find long lasting families that suit each kitten best, verses blindly choosing homes for them.

When completing an application with us, you are not guaranteed a kitten. We personally select and interview applicants via email or phone, before offering them a kitten. If this is not something you’re comfortable with, please do seek another cattery that suits your needs better. We don’t wish to home kittens with strangers.

We can deny any applicant, for any reason. Please don’t take offense, but instead, see this as an opportunity to find a cat better suited to you elsewhere.

The price of our kittens, spayed/neutered before leaving our cattery is $1200. This includes 3x FVRCP, 1x Rabies, and their cost of surgery.