♀ Adelaide


Adelaide of Norwegietale was born on January 15th of 2020, at 7:25am, weighing 99 grams. For the first week of her life, she was called #5, as she was the fifth kitten born. One of the ways we identified her was the black spot on her right shoulder, and as she got older, her sweet gentle face was easy to differentiate her from her siblings.

Adelaide was sweet and curious since the beginning, but she would always watch from afar, or gentle cuddle up beside you without you noticing her at first. She never begged for attention, as she was quite resentful with us in the beginning when we would bottle feed her, and her siblings. She certainly didn’t believe it to be better than mum’s milk! She didn’t enjoy being held, or petted for the longest time, though when you wanted to play, she would be as excited as the rest of the pack!

Adelaide loves to be cuddled, but she’s more quiet and passive. If her siblings would be occupying our lap, she would walk over, and pace around you, as if she wanted to join but wasn’t sure. She would eventually sit close to you, but not quite touching as she would watch us cuddle her siblings. With age, she started occupying our laps whenever she saw them empty, and look up to make eye contact whenever she was waiting for attention from you. She’s a very quiet, and soft-spoken kitten. But just as curious and lovable as any other is.

Seventeen and a Half Weeks Old

Eight Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

Three and a Half Weeks Old

One Week Old