♂ Aragorn


Aragorn was often called Ari, while growing up in our home. He was the one kitten whom we never felt settled on his name. Aaron? Archie? August? His first few weeks of life, we called him Mickey, because of the the spot on his back looked to be in the shape of a mickey head. He was just as loveable as his brothers, always climbing in our lap after bottle feeding. Ari was one of the most playful kittens out of his siblings, and we always found him playing or napping alongside Adelaide while growing up – a special bond with his quiet sister, had been noticeable since early on.

Ari seemed a bit more oblivious than the other kittens, or he may have not had any qualms when it came to things in life. New dog? Sure! He didn’t mind them! New cat? Hey, a playmate! Ari remained the smallest of his siblings, late in life, and we often worried about his health. Bottle feeding Ari and his siblings, seemed to have a negative affect later when it came to weaning, but this sweet boy always pulled through.

He now lives happily with his sister Adelaide, and is thriving way better than he had among so many siblings. We’re truly thankful to Ari for being such an easygoing kitten, and a wonderful companion for his more timid sister.

Seventeen and a Half Weeks Old

Fourteen Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

One Week Old