♂ Apollo


Meet Apollo, Berenice’s first born. The mark on his right paw helped us separate him from his siblings through the first few weeks. Some common nicknames for him while growing up were “Appy” and “Teddy Bear”, he would always climb in your lap to cuddle close to your belly. Since the time we started bottle feeding, Apollo would race to your hand to be held, and take naps on your leg when his belly was full. He had a sweet quiet demeanor among his siblings, and reminded me a lot of a cuddly care bear. He won my heart over since the moment he began taking naps in my lap, but I knew one day he would have to leave us like many of his siblings would.

With each inquiry on his behalf, I told my husband Apollo had already chosen his family. He was very attached to Albert and Aslan, but Aslan would be leaving with his sister eventually. Apollo has been emotional based since early on in life, and I worried about him leaving on his own.

As siblings left for their new homes, he became depressed, attached to my lap, and withdrew from food or drink. We feared the worst, and took him to our vet to be checked, and ran tests, in case he was sick beyond what we could see. But it turned out he was perfectly healthy, and only mourning the absence of his siblings running about our home (much like us). He was quite vocal and distraught when returning home, and immediately ate, before returning to my side. From there on, it was more official than it had been, that he would stay with us.

Apollo follows us around the house, wherever we go. He meows insistently when seeking affection, ramming his 6kg frame into you if he feels ignored. He loves to be brushed, and enjoys a good feather wand. If he’s not cuddling next to his brother, Albert, he’s laying in bed between my husband and I. One look or mention of his name, and he begins purring for hours. He’s the glue to our cat family, and we’re blessed to have him.

Ten Months Old

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