Harness Training Albert and Apollo

Norwegietale’s Albert and Apollo

Two of our boys have started harness training in our backyard, and have been doing wonderfully. They love tree climbing, and running through the grass! So we went ahead and took them on their first walk at the park. Check out our video on YouTube to see little snippets of their first time out in the world! I think they’re both going to make wonderful adventure kitties, just like their parents. What do you think about making the brothers their own Instagram eventually to share their future adventures with the adventure cat community?

As a small disclosure here, to those that wonder. Norwegian Forest cats don’t have to have access to outside to have a fulfilled happy life. Just like every other cat, they are completely happy with an indoor life only. Cats who never experience the outside world, will never know they’re missing it.

Our cats, we like to take on walks with a harness/leash, or in our cat backpack. This is only if it’s a comfortable and an enjoyable experience for them. Cats walk differently than dogs do, they like to stop and smell a brush once in a while, or they’ll keep walking till they find something that interests them. Some cats barely walk and prefer sitting in the grass, listening to birds, and enjoying the breeze. It’s important to know that once you start harness training a cat, to be sure you’ll be able to be consistent as your cat will more than likely want to be outside more often.