Happy Five Weeks to Our Litter A!

Litter A, born on January 15th 2020, is officially five weeks old! It feels weird calling them Litter A, when they all have their own personalities and special spots reserved in our hearts. We want to keep all of them! I worry this is perhaps every breeder’s struggle. I was there nights before their birth, scared, and expecting as much as their Momma Berenice probably was. When she woke me in the early hours on a Wednesday, I prepared for a long birth with our first litter. Berenice was amazing! She didn’t make a sound, and every half hour a kitten came. I was there when each kitten was born, stimulating breathing, gently cleaning, and clipping a umbilical cord, or two when Mom was too busy. We were expecting eight kittens, but the last one didn’t make it. I was so devastated I had failed that one kitten, and so scared I would fail the rest of them.

Now after many hours awake, bottle feeding, checking the nursery temperature, and vet appointments when I was unsure, we’ve made it to five weeks! Everything is suddenly more peaceful as all the kittens happily play around, and cuddle in our laps. We see each one of them grow into their own personalities, develop their own quirks, or taste of meat when it comes to wet food. They are each their own tiny cat already, I cry often when I watch them! One day they will all be passed on to their forever homes, and I hope they will be loved as much as I feel we love them all now. Since having their beautiful presence in our life, I can’t imagine it quiet again. To not hear the kittens call excitedly when we enter the kitten nursery, or watch them come at you in a hoard of fluff and cuteness. It will be so sad when I can’t look down at my lap, and see Apollo or Albert looking up back at me like I’m their world. But enough melancholy. We are so happy our babies are five weeks old today, and thriving!

Thank you everyone who’s been following our journey, and who will continue doing so. Our little ones are so special to us, and I’m sure their families after us will feel the same.

To many more happy, beautiful, kitten-filled weeks!