Berenice and Norman’s First Litter

Norman Aksarah Bhutani *CZ nfo n 02 & Berenice Amber Wald *CZ nfo 02 21 62

Our beautiful Berenice, had her kittens! We have 7 healthy babies, and Berenice has been a wonderful first time Momma. 🧡🧡

The night she was in labor, she woke me up by jumping in bed with me, and crawling under the blanket beside me, crying. I was lucky to be there by her side throughout her whole birth, and she did so wonderfully! Within 5hrs all babies were delivered, and she didn’t make a peep. I wish there was a better way to express to everyone how much I love my baby Beru. Though I am proud and excited to have our first litter as an official Norwegian Forest Cat Cattery, I miss my Berenice needing her momma. She is so independent right now with her kittens, she gives me this look whenever I start weighing them, or she licks my hand when I touch one. Like “I like you Mom, but don’t touch too much.”

I want to thank the wonderful people who helped me prepare for our Berenice’s pregnancy and birthing, as well as help give advice for our little kittens now. And to also thank them for continuously still being there when I need them. Thank you Amber Wald*CZ, LostWoods, and EndelosGlede, for helping me on this journey! A special thank you to our wonderful vet Dr. Meredith! And to so many other breeders/cat enthusiasts who have supported me, whether I was just reaching out with questions, or they adding me on social media so I could reach out. I would also like to thank my husband for being on this journey with me, and his mom, who keeps an eye on our kitten cam when we’re sleeping, to make sure everyone’s still doing okay.

There’s still so much for me to learn, and I look forward to all that’s ahead on this journey! For now I’ll be struggling going back to work and occasionally sitting next to Berenice’s nesting box, jealous of the babies who have my wonderful baby as a mom. ❤️